About Our Study

Why Our Work Matters

Community gardens exist in a multitude of venues, including neighborhoods, churches, parks, schools, public housing and are increasingly found in health care settings. We are interested in community gardens not only to identify the processes and outcomes of the gardens themselves but also to apply these learnings to the design of other community level health interventions if applicable.


Project Timeline

The CAPS study began in January 2017. Data collection is complete as of May 2020. Study data is being analyzed. Results will be posted here when available.

This randomized controlled trial included more than 300 members of the community who were sorted by lottery into two study groups. One group (the intervention group) received a community garden plot while they participated in the study and the other (the control group) was placed on a one year waitlist for a community garden plot.

Each year, both gardeners and non-gardeners provided data about diet and activity at three points during their year of participation to help assess changes.

Wave 1 – 2017
Wave 2 – Spring 2018
Wave 3 – Spring 2019 – Final Wave of Study

The data is currently being analyzed. Results will be published after the completion of the study span.
For Community Gardening Resources, see the Denver Urban Gardens website at www.dug.org

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